Leading in the GOP poles, whether you like it or not, it’s businessman, Donald Trump. He first garnered international attention with some rather insensitive comments towards undocumented immigrants, calling them, “murderers” and “rapists.”  Then, seeing that his words resulted in a crowd of supporters, he decided to criticize a few more people and things; U.S. veterans, the disabled, reporters, Muslims, amongst others.

Of course many groups are strongly disgusted by Trump and his ideologies. He overly-generealizes an entire ethnic group based on the action of two people, many say. Heck, he even called his supporters, “maniacs.” (Geez, did he really run out of people to alienate?) However, there are reasons why those “maniacs” aren’t let astray by Trump’s harsh words and keep holding up those “Make America Great Again” signs. Why? Well, it seems (on the most part) because he “speaks what’s on his mind” without hesitation.

He’s very direct. He cuts to the chase. He gets to the point. He avoids circumlocution. He’s known for his brevity. And as many political commenters have said, he doesn’t, in his speeches, use “fancy” political terms. Therefore, what he says is understood by the public, and leads to more people (possibly independents or past non-voters) resonating with him. And as ridiculous his grandiose ideas may seem, the media is helping Trump gain support by giving him the spotlight.

Every time Trump says something shocking, all of the cameras point towards him, giving him a platform to elucidate his points. Then, somebody who just so happens to causally flip onto CNN sees Trump, and says: “You know what? I’ve been hearing about this Trump-guy a lot, recently. And seeing how he’s popular, I guess I’ll vote for him.” Alternatively, many also like his bluntness with major issues, saying: “Hey, yeah. I want a huuugggeee wall!” And the reason behind his popularity, I think, also lies behind the fact that he can point to his towers, TV shows, clothing products, etc. and then, thumb his nose.

I remember when people genuinely thought that Trump was running as a joke. (I kinda thought that, as well). Many thought that his career would’ve been ruined because of his insulting remarks towards undocumented immigrants. In hindsight, however, that only helped him. And his strong percentages in the poles seem to be indicative of him becoming the GOP candidate and perhaps, president. However, many speculate that if Trump were to become the GOP candidate, Clinton or Sanders will ultimately result victorious. Who knows?


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